29/06/2020 6:18 PM AEST | Updated 22/07/2020 9:05 PM AEST

Big Brother Australia's Angela Clancy 'Another Strong And Independent Woman Of Colour' Says Former Housemate

Priya Malik, from the 2014 season, said she's "not surprised" that some viewers have compared Angela to her.

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'Big Brother Australia' 2020 housemate Angela Clancy (L) and 2014 housemate Priya Malik (R)

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Former ‘Big Brother Australia’ star Priya Malik has praised current contestant Angela Clancy, and said she’s “not surprised” that some viewers have compared the pair for both being outspoken and not afraid of conflict. 

Priya, who was the first contestant of Indian heritage to compete on ‘Big Brother Australia’ back in 2014, said she’s kept across social media commentary on this year’s season while living in India. She noted Angela is “another strong and independent woman of colour”. 

“I haven’t been able to watch Big Brother this year but from whatever I have seen briefly on social media, I am not surprised that people compare me to Angela,” Priya told HuffPost Australia.

“She is yet another strong and independent woman of colour who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. More power to her.” 

Kenyan-born Angela was evicted from the house a few weeks ago, but managed to stay in the competition with Big Brother instead inviting her to a multi-day stay in a secret bunker where she would ‘plot revenge’.

“Whoever nominated me better watch out because I’m going to come back tenfold,” Angela told HuffPost Australia earlier this month, referring to her stay in the secret bunker.

“I’m going to come back like a fireball. I might forgive but I don’t forget.” 

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'Big Brother Australia' housemate Angela Clancy
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Priya Malik appeared on 'Big Brother Australia' back in 2014. Priya (left) with host Sonia Kruger (right).

Meanwhile Priya finished in fourth place on the show in 2014.

‘Big Brother Australia’ continues at 7:30pm on Channel 7.