03/07/2020 2:20 PM AEST | Updated 22/07/2020 9:01 PM AEST

Angela Clancy Wants Sonia Kruger's Job As Big Brother Australia Host

The popular contestant would like to return to the reality show in a bigger capacity next year.

UPDATE: Chad Hurst wins Big Brother Australia 2020

After being recently eliminated from ‘Big Brother Australia’, contestant Angela Clancy is keen to maintain her connection with the show next year. 

However, she doesn’t hope to return as a contestant, but more so step into the big role of host that is currently filled by Sonia Kruger

During Nova podcast, ‘The Babble’ with Matty J and Producer Ruby this week, Angela was asked if she would be open to such a gig if producers “came knocking” with the opportunity. 

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'Big Brother Australia' housemate Angela Clancy (L) and host Sonia Kruger (R)

“Let’s just wave a magic wand let’s say Sonia Kruger is no longer hosting the show next year,” said former ‘Bachelor’ Matty J. “If they came knocking on your door would you host Big Brother?”

“Absolutely, whole honey yes!” she responded. 

Angela was first evicted from the house a few weeks ago, but managed to stay in the competition with Big Brother instead inviting her to a multi-day stay in a secret bunker where she would ‘plot revenge’.

“Whoever nominated me better watch out because I’m going to come back tenfold,” Angela told HuffPost Australia last month, referring to her stay in the secret bunker.

“I’m going to come back like a fireball. I might forgive but I don’t forget.” 

However, last week Angela’s time in the house officially came to an end as she was evicted for the second time after being nominated alongside Keiran Davidson and Casey Mazzucchelli.

“I obviously can’t say who will win because nobody knows, you know, it’s up to Australia obviously the final three is decide by everybody. But who would I like to see win? I would love to see Kieran,” Angela told Matty J. 

“You know, he’s been playing the game because he’s always been very vulnerable. And you can tell what Angela’s game play was; you can tell what Kieran’s game play was.

“I want to see a person win $250,000 that has actually worked, that has played the game and he’s done that. Hate him or love him, but that kid is playing the game.”