26/04/2020 12:46 PM AEST | Updated 03/07/2020 3:46 PM AEST

First Look Inside The New 2020 Big Brother Australia House

New BB voice, new 'breed of contestant' and definitely a very new house is revealed in the latest promo.

For those in self-isolation waiting for another reality TV show to drop, ‘Big Brother Australia’ is just around the corner from hitting screens. 

After a seven-year hiatus, Channel 7 has picked up the show from the Nine network, and a newly-released promo shows a first look inside a very different BB house that will be the new home to the 2020 contestants. 

First off, a mysteriously new Big Brother voice introduces himself, but assures viewers he’s been watching this whole time since the Aussie series premiered in 2001. 

“Australia, I have been watching you. You see, I never went away. And now, I am ready to play,” he says, as footage of various Australian sites splash across the screen. 

Channel 7
A first look inside the 2020 Big Brother Australia house.

With rather futuristic sound effects and a magenta filter over the lens, we see a quick glimpse of the new house featuring the couch in front of the eviction TV, the long dining table and an abundance of cameras because of course, “there’s nowhere to hide”. 

There’s some fresh elements too with some puzzle and game elements, perhaps giving the good ol’ ‘Friday Night Games’ of Big Brother’s past a run for its money. 

Host Sonia Kruger, who previously hosted the 2014 season of ‘Big Brother Australia’, then asks BB what he’s up to with his “changed” rules for the “new breed of housemate”. 

“Big Brother, what are you playing at?” she asks. 

Channel 7
The Big Brother Australia living room.
Channel 7
A puzzle room perhaps inside the Big Brother Australia house?

Channel 7 has confirmed the show will premiere in June after it recently paused production amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Addressing rumours that a contestant had coronavirus, Sonia Kruger recently said “that’s fake news”. 

“One of our crew members had a brush with coronavirus and it actually shut down production for a couple of days before we got the all-clear. But not a cast member,” she told 7News

The new BB promo comes as MasterChef Australia continues to be a ratings winner after it premiered two weeks ago. 

The Channel 10 show is still halfway through production, with new coronavirus safety measures now in place to protect the cast and crew.