12/11/2020 1:41 PM AEDT | Updated 12/11/2020 4:59 PM AEDT

Will & Grace Actor Brian Jordan Alvarez Perfects Australian Accent In Viral Election Video

He called Trump a "f***ing dictator" in the most convincing Aussie accent ever.

Brian Jordan Alvarez/Getty
'Will & Grace' actor Brian Jordan Alvarez has received huge praise for his Australian accent in a video in which he called Donald Trump a "dictator".

Actor Brian Jordan Alvarez has done what even three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep could not: perfect the Australian accent. 

Alvarez, who starred in ‘Will & Grace’, has received praise from Australian actors and TV presenters after his video slamming US President Donald Trump in an Aussie accent went viral on his multiple social platforms

“Hey, guys, just wanted to reach out to America and say we’re so proud of you, that you got rid of your stupid fucking dictator,” he said in his best Australian twang. 

“You guys are gonna have, like, a regular president again.

“It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it’s so much better than the shit that you’ve put the whole world through for the last four years. I just want to say congratulations, and you’re not as stupid as we thought.” 

Famous Australians have chimed in on the Twitter thread commending the actor for the perfect rendition, praising the Queenlander-style upward inflections and realistic tone.  

“Flawless,” presenter Marc Fennel said. 

“Get Brian a password,” actor Remi Hi added. 

Manhattan-born Alvarez was a guest Tuesday on ABC’s ’News Breakfast’ and explained exactly how he got so good at speaking with an Australian drawl.

“A few years ago I watched a lot of episodes of ‘Australia’s Next Top Model’, and that’s when I really started getting into it,” he told the show. 

“I guess over the years I got better at it. I’m so flattered. I didn’t know I was that good at it.  

For decades, international actors have tried to perfect the Australian accent, including multi-Academy Award winner Meryl Streep as Lindy Chamberlain in the film ‘Evil Angels’ and Benedict Cumberbatch as Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in ‘The Fifth Estate’. 

Cumberbatch told HuffPost UK in 2013 that nailing the accent was a “challenge”.  

“The accent and the dialect and the slight lisp as well,” he said at the time.  “That was the huge challenge.” 

Daniel Radcliffe and Kate Winslet have also played Australian characters in feature films, but no one drew as much praise as our mate Alvarez.