01/04/2016 11:57 PM AEDT

Britney Spears And Leonardo DiCaprio Are The Embodiment Of The Early 2000s In Throwback Pic

It was a simpler time.

It's not like it's a contest or anything, but if it was, Britney Spears is definitely winning when it comes to throwback photos. 

On Thursday, the 34-year-old shared a photo of herself and Leonardo DiCaprio, who is throwing up a "West Cost" sign and looking like a total dork with his slightly off-center Boston Red Sox cap.  


A photo posted by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

Spears simply captioned the snap "#tbt," but if we had to guess, her patch-covered jean vest and bucket hat make us think this was taken around 2001 or 2002.

Regardless of the actual date, the photo is just peak early aughts -- a time when Britney was pop music's reigning princess and Leo was the king of the world.

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