17/01/2020 12:02 PM AEDT

Celeste Barber Blasts Trolls Who Have Criticised Her $51 Million Bushfire Appeal

“Maybe go outside and scream at some kids who look like they’re having too much fun on a swing set.”

Celeste blasts trolls.

Australian comedian Celeste Barber has told trolls to “bugger off” after she received criticism for her Facebook Fundraiser for bushfire victims.  

Many Tweets and Instagram comments have voiced concern over how the $51 million will be distributed, even though Celeste has repeatedly told followers on her Instagram Story that she is working hard to make sure the money “gets where it needs to go”. 

“This is just to those, what are they called? Dickheads online. Bugger off.  Not interested,” she told her followers on Friday.  

“Walk away Renee don’t troll a fundraiser page, it’s embarrassing for you.  Just stop it OK. Look, the last time I raised $51 mill was, that’s right! I have never done it before.” 

Celeste urged anyone that had, in fact, raised $51 million to “feel free to get in touch”.

“So, to the people who are trolling a fundraiser page, maybe rein it in. Maybe go outside and scream at some kids who look like they’re having too much fun on a swing set, that might be kind of more your jam. I am just not here for it. 

“We did a really crazy thing. We did!” Celeste said, referring to her fans that have donated to the bushfire appeal she started over the New Year period. 

“Are you kidding?  I’m on a bloody mural in Melbourne thank you very much.  I’m hosting a gig with Queen and Farnsie. We’ve done such good things.”  

Celeste went on to say her partner, known to fans as “Hot Husband”, is heading to Eden, New South Wales next week to see their family that was evacuated at New Years. 


Last month Celeste, who won fame for her parody photographs mimicking “real-life” reenactments of high-end fashion shoots and celebrity moments, launched a Facebook campaign for the NSW Rural Fire Service.  It hit nearly $50m in two weeks. 

The 37-year-old was honoured for her bushfire efforts last week with a mural in one of the country’s most iconic graffiti laneways.

Hosier Lane in Melbourne’s CBD now features a street art piece of Celeste with the message “Thank You” painted on the creation.