19/04/2016 2:50 AM AEST

31 Signs You’re The Chandler Bing Of Your Friend Group

Could you BE anymore sarcastic?

You are Chandler Bing. Chandler Bing is you. Don't believe us? Well you will after this post. 

  • You have little self-control when it comes to food.
  • You recognize when you're being an idiot.
  • You're still a kid at heart.
  • When it comes to finding true love, you have your doubts.
  • Serious doubts.
  • But at least you know what you want.
  • It took you a long time to realize commitment isn't a bad thing.
  • You tend to be a little melodramatic.
  • Okay. VERY melodramatic.
  • For some reason you always attract the most awkward situations.
  • You use humor as a defense mechanism.
  • You're a terrible liar.
  • You accept the fact that you have no idea where your life is going.
  • You have a very unique way of expressing your feelings.
  • You never miss an opportunity to make fun of your friends.
  • You accept the fact that you're not the best person to go to for advice.
  • Your sarcasm has no mercy.
  • You had a very interesting college phase to say the least.
  • You shamelessly embrace your ~questionable~ dance moves.
  • You're not the best at flirting, but at least you are honest about it.
  • Seriously it's just not your thing.
  • But despite it all, you always give it your best shot.
  • And sometimes it actually works.
  • You can be very self-deprecating, but it's usually all in the name of comedy.
  • You're a classic over-thinker.
  • You always find the humor in every situation.
  • You're hysterically expressive.
  • You know how to see the bright side of things.
  • You're very insightful.
  • You truly value your friendships more than anything in the world.
  • And most importantly, you're forever faithful and loyal to the ones you love.
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