05/11/2016 5:25 AM AEDT

Man Hopes To Finance Honeymoon By Selling Prized Cheeto Bald Eagle

How much would you pay for this all-American treasure?

An eBay seller is asking 5000 for this Cheeto bald eagle.

The American dream is alive and well.

That is, if the American dream happens to be finding a strange-looking snack food and selling it for exorbitant amounts of money.

An eBay seller known as “bballjuan” - which we can only presume stands for “basketball Juan” - has an edible artifact he thinks is worth big bucks: A Flamin’ Hot Cheeto that looks sort of like a bald eagle sitting on a perch.

Emphasis on “sort of.”

Bballjuan is asking $5,000 for this eagleish-shaped snack, which he promises “has not been altered in any way.” 

Take a gander at the Cheeto eagle from another angle (see what we did there?):


HuffPost Weird News reached out to bballjuan wanting answers to this pressing question: “Are you serious?”).

We have not heard back.

Juan does explain a little about this patriotic processed food in the eBay summary:

“Found this unique piece while I was enjoying a yummy bag of hot Cheetos :). Looks like an American eagle on a branch/tree. Pieces has not been altered in any way. I have kept the piece in a Baggie, and out inside a plastic container.  Happy bidding :). Shoot me an offer, I am trying to make some money in order to go on my honeymoon :).”

But he may have missed out on scoring some real cheddar for his eagle-shaped Cheeto.

Earlier this summer, Frito-Lay created an online Cheetos museum dedicated to weird-looking Cheetos.

It was even offering up to $250,000 for the weirdest looking Cheeto.

Sadly, the museum is currently closed.

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