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Cher Says She's Never Hated Anyone So Much In Her Whole Life As 'Vindictive' Trump

Cher doesn't hold back.

Cher has said she has never hated anyone in her life as much as she hates Donald Trump, admitting she will be “dancing around” if he were to be prosecuted and imprisoned after leaving the White House.

The singer launched a fresh attack on the US president over his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic in a new interview with the Guardian, having been a vocal critic of Trump throughout his presidency .

“In my country the president doesn’t believe it has anything to do with him,” Cher said. “He doesn’t think he has any responsibility to help us.”

Accusing Trump of creating a “toxic” culture war in America, she continued: “People who just disagreed with each other before are now enemies. I hate to even call him a president because all he does is watch TV.

“I hate him,” she said.

Cher and Donald Trump
Cher and Donald Trump

Asked if she’d ever hated anybody like this before, Cher replied: “No, in my whole life, never.

“I pretty much disliked Bush when he started those wars, and I could say for a minute it was touch and go for hate. But the one thing I know is he loves America and Trump doesn’t.”

She continued: “I said if Trump can’t be in the White House, he’s going to burn it down. He’s trying to block Joe [Biden] at every moment. He’s the most vindictive person I’ve ever witnessed.”

Referring to a number of major lawsuits and criminal investigations Trump could face once his protected status as most powerful man in the world expires in January, Cher said: “I think he’s fighting so hard because he’s going to be prosecuted when he gets out of the White House.”

Asked if he could he end up in prison, she added: “Oh, I hope so. I’ll be dancing around.”

Trump is currently facing an investigation into his tax affairs and business dealings, as well as hush money allegations. Trump has often dismissed investigations into his affairs as politically motivated harassment.

Cher previously attacked Trump over comments he made about a “herd mentality” in relation to the coronavirus pandemic.

She tweeted: “Seems 200,000 dead isn’t enough carnage, misery... for Trump.

“We must protect ourselves and those who will surely [die].”

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