23/04/2020 2:18 PM AEST | Updated 23/04/2020 2:22 PM AEST

Coronavirus In Australia: JobKeeper And Schools But Not NRL Are PM's Priorities

"My priorities are to get kids back to school, to get people back to work," said Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said his biggest priorities at the moment are addressing school and workforce issues as the coronavirus pandemic continues. 

When asked about the NRL announcing its return on May 28, the PM told reporters on Thursday this was “principally a matter for the NSW government”, while the federal level focuses on education and the JobKeeper and JobSeeker packages. 

“My priorities are to get kids back to school, to get people back to work,” he said in the Canberra press conference.

Sam Mooy via Getty Images
Prime Minister Scott Morrison 

“That’s what my priority is. And in terms of the broader social restrictions that are overseen by the states, I think there is a reasonable expectation from the public - based on the tremendous patience and discipline that they’ve shown - that they will get some relief on those fronts as well.” 

After acknowledging he welcomes Queensland’s decision to loosen funeral restrictions, he addressed the NRL who announced on Wednesday that it had the “green light from government to restart on May 28”. 

“Now, in terms of the NRL, it’s principally a matter for the New South Wales Government,” he said, adding “that’s where the matches are being played”. 

“So they have the health authority over what occurs with that. If you’re looking for what the health agreements or approvals that have been provided, that’s entirely really a matter for the New South Wales Government, or any other state governments who may be involved in where games may be played or how training is being conducted.

“The Commonwealth Government doesn’t have any direct role in any of that.”

Morrison said the federal level has only been “directly engaged” through the Minister of Home Affairs, Peter Dutton in terms of New Zealand team, The Warriors’ involvement in the game.