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Our Daily Guide To The #30Up Eat Well, Feel Great Challenge

The most fun way to boost your health!

Our Eat Well, Feel Great challenge is in full swing and we're on a journey to transform the way we think about eating. Each day we're sending out quick challenges, tips and tricks to help you make smart choices that'll fuel your mind and body to be at their best. 

In case you've missed any of the daily newsletters or challenges, we've listed them all here for quick and easy reference. Now eat up!

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Day 1

What to do: Eat one more serving of fruits or vegetables than you normally would today.

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Day 2

What to do: Make mornings easier on yourself by preparing breakfast the night before.

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Day 3

What to do: Eat an avocado, a handful of nuts or another source of healthy fat, and don't look back.

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Day 4

What to do: Going out to dinner tonight? Look at the menu ahead of time and strategize on how to make the healthiest choice. Then you won't be caught making a bad decision in a moment of hungry weakness.

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Day 5

What to do: Take your daily coffee and sit somewhere serene. For 5-7 minutes, savor that cup without a TV screen, laptop or mobile phone in hand.

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Day 6

What to do: Grab our handy grocery list and dedicate a few hours to cooking these healthy meals today. You'll thank yourself later in the week when you've got plenty of healthy and delicious meals in the fridge.

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Day 7

What to do: Whether you've tried quinoa before or not, make sure it's on your grocery list. Give it a try every time you're looking to stock up on a healthy protein boost!

Important reading:So THAT'S Why You Should Be Eating Quinoa

Day 8

What to do: Bring a pitcher to work and see if you can drink one entire container's worth of water in one day. Depending on the size of your pitcher, maybe two.

Important reading: The Truth About How Much Water You Need To Drink

Day 9

What to do: Pick a fruit or vegetable you hated as a kid (or now, as an adult!), and give it another try. Whether you want to try our new take on broccoli recipes or go your own route, make sure you give it a solid shot by preparing your chosen ingredient in a new, delicious method.

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Day 10

What to do: Don't fear carbs! Learn which kinds your body actually needs, and eat those instead of white bread.

Important reading:Don't Choose A Low-Carb Diet Just Because You Think It's 'Healthy'

Day 11

What to do: Eating out tonight? Remember you always have options. Read this guide of healthy swaps and educate yourself on how to make the right choice.

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Day 12

What to do: Look at your calendar and see what social events are coming up: plan your cheat treat.

Important reading:Yes, 'Cheat' Meals Can Be A Part Of A Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Day 13

What to do: Reserve a few hours today to shop for ingredients and cook a few dishes that'll last you through most of the week!

Important reading: Cook These Dishes On Sunday, Eat Healthy Throughout The Week

Day 14

What to do: Find a kale recipe that you'll love, and reap the benefits.

Important reading:So THAT'S The Reason We Should Be Eating Kale

Day 15

What to do: Pick one of these nutritionists' breakfast plans, and try it out to see how you feel.

Important reading: Here's Exactly What 9 Nutritionists Eat For Breakfast

Day 16

What to do: Learn how to understand exactly how much added sugar is in your life.

Important reading:How To Cut Down On Added Sugar In Your Life

Day 17

What to do: Familiarize yourself with the Dietary Guidelines’ definitions for moderate, heavy and binge drinking, and try to limit yourself to a healthy amount.

Important reading:It Takes A Shockingly Little Amount Of Alcohol To Cross Into Binge Drinking

Day 18

What to do: Take a look at the top picks of what nutritionists would order at restaurants that serve international cuisine, and eat like they do.

Important reading:What Nutritionists Order At Japanese, Italian, Chinese And Mexican Restaurants

Day 19

What to do: Treat yourself to one of these incredible fruit desserts you can whip up in no time.

Important reading:19 Healthy Fruit Desserts That Are As Pretty As They Are Sweet

Day 20

What to do: Reserve a few hours for a zenful cooking session today! With this Thai quinoa salad, spicy pasta with lentils and coconut shrimp, you'll be satisfied through most of the week.

Important reading:Cook These Dishes On Sunday, Eat Healthier Throughout The Week


Day 21

What to do: Cut back on the sugar -- it's actually better (in some ways) to drink diet soda instead.

Important reading:Turns Out Diet Soda Appears To Be The Lesser Of Two Evils

Day 22

What to do: Grab a bag of chia seeds and find out all the delicious ways they're healthy for you.

Important reading:So THAT'S Why We Should Be Eating Chia Seeds

Day 23

What to do: Learn what a nutritionists picks to each for lunch, and copy that model.

Important reading: Here's Exactly What These 9 Nutritionists Eat For Lunch

Day 24

What to do: Find out whether your daily diet is even close to what the recommended guidelines suggest.

Important reading:Here's How 8 different Countries Officially Define What 'Healthy Eating' Is

Day 25

What to do: Assess whether you really need to eat breakfast.

Important reading:Should You Force Yourself To Eat Breakfast Even If You Aren't Hungry?

Day 26

What to do: Plan a potluck!

Important reading: Potlucks Are Cool Again, And Here's How That's Good News For Your Health

Day 27

What to do: Learn how to choose the healthiest dark chocolates.

Important reading: Not All Dark Chocolate Is Created Equal

Day 28

What to do: Replace one cup of your daily coffee with tea.

Important reading:There Could Be Some Real Health Benefits To Drinking Tea

Day 29

What to do: Be aware of your surroundings and how they affect your appetite.

Important reading:4 Surprising Ways Your Environment Affects How Much Food You Eat

Day 30

What to do: Put a little more thought into planning your dinner menus.

Important reading:5 Nutritionists Share The Secret To Their Dinner Menus

Day 31

What to do: Don't lose steam! Follow these healthy Instagram accounts for inspiration.

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