16/01/2016 5:28 AM AEDT

21 Signs Your Dog Is The Head Of Your Household

Who run the world? Your dog.

You may like to pretend you make the rules in your house, but the truth is it's a dog's world and you're just living it.


All signs point to the fact that while you pay the bills, your dog is living her best life. If you're not convinced, read the 21 red flags listed below. Sorry to be the one to tell you that you're existing under a dictatorship, but you had to find out some time.

1. There is a dog bed or blanket in almost every room.

2. Your personal home scent is a mix of Febreze and wet dog.

3. No matter how often you Windex, glass surfaces always have a permanent nose or tongue print

4. Your antique rug doubles as your dog's favorite chew toy.

5. Table and chair legs are covered with bite marks -- it's kind of a evolved into a look.

6. Your toilet bowls don't really have that much water in them. (Slurp, slurp.)

7. Your schedule depends on the time a four-legged animal needs to go to the bathroom.

8. Every framed photo in your home contains a picture of your dog.

9. You sweep and vacuum more dog hair than human hair.

10. You spend as much money on kibble as you do on groceries.

11. You'll wear black, but don't bother with the lint roll at this point.

12. When you're not home, you leave the TV on to entertain your pup. Animal Planet always satisfies.

13. You never, ever leave chocolate out on the table.

14. When you have people over, someone is bound to trip over a squeak toy. 

15. Your bed has two sides: You and your significant other's side and the pooch's side.

16. You don't immediately clean up when you accidentally drop food off your plate. Someone will get it.

17. You often find your socks and underwear scattered about in random places of the house.

18. Every year there is at least one bone-shaped item underneath the Christmas tree.

19. There are plastic poop bags in the pockets of every coat you own.

20. There's always shredded chicken in your fridge because it's your pup's favorite treat.

21. After a long day, nothing feels better than coming home and being greeted by your best bud. 

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