Donald Trump Is Currently The Most Googled Presidential Candidate

These are some of the classiest, most successful Google searches ever created by God.

Google is hot for The Donald.

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump was the most-searched candidate on Google last week, beating Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Bernie Sanders, per Google Trends data.

Trump, who announced his candidacy on June 16, was also the third most Googled candidate in the six months leading up to the July 4 weekend, coming in behind Clinton and Bush.

During that same time period, the cities where Trump received the most interest were mainly located in the southern half of the country: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Houston and San Antonio, to name a few. By contrast, people all over the country searched for information about Clinton.

In the past week, lots of people wanted to know about Trump's age and his net worth (which we now know is more than "TEN BILLION DOLLARS," thanks to a recent release from his campaign). But people also wanted to know, quite simply, who this guy is.

Google Trends data does not necessarily reflect searchers' attitudes toward the individual candidates. As of July 20, however, Donald Trump enjoyed a commanding lead over his rival GOP candidates, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll.

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