15/01/2016 4:01 PM AEDT

Confused Little Lamb Dorrit Really Believes She's A Dog

She's doggone adorable.

The newest Vine star is a lamb... who doesn't seem to realize that she's a lamb. 

"Little Dorrit is more dog than lamb in her responses," the shepherds of Zwartbles Ireland wrote in a Vine post over the weekend:

Dorrit also acts more like a pooch in other ways, too. For example, she runs with the pack:

When her puppy pals stop for a drink, she joins them: 

She even has the whole puppy-dog-eyes thing down pat:

There's only one thing she can't do: Impress the cat.

...then again, most dogs can't do that either. 

See more of Dorrit's exploits as well as snapshots of farm life on the Zwartbles Ireland Vine page.

(h/t Mashable)

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