14/10/2019 8:59 AM AEDT

Drag Race UK: 24 Times Episode 2 Left Us Screaming And Memeing

Here are the highs, the lows and the "oh no"s.

This article (obviously) contains spoilers for the most recent episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. 

While the nation has spent the week gripped by the #WAGathaChristie saga, there was something new to obsess about on Thursday night when the second episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK dropped on BBC Three.

And we’re pleased to say that the queens did not come to play in episode two, leaving us screaming and meme-ing all night long.

The queens took on the Downton Draggy acting challenge

And while parts of the sisterhood were getting stronger as the queens starred in Downton Draggy, the knives were also out in the Werk Room and on the runway.

As usual, the fans on Twitter were out in force to spill the tea...

1. Fans of Graham Norton’s commentary on Eurovision were so ready for him to throw some trademark shade as a member of the judging panel

2. Baga Chipz was still taking every opportunity to mention her “tuppence”

3. Although we’re not quite sure Ru understands what it means still

4. There was another bit of vocabulary to add to the Drag Race dictionary

5. Mark certainly made his, errrm, mark

6. Sum Ting Wong shared the struggles of not being able to come out to her parents, and we were all behind her


7. We might only be on episode two, but this was the quote we’ll be saying for years to come


8. Cue the memes

9. And the Twitter trend

10. Cheryl’s constant tongue-pops are not going unnoticed by the queens or viewers

11. And after the queens confronted her about her behaviour, some fans had a feeling it won’t be long until a classic Drag Race moment is repeated

12. There was a lesson in why you should not watch Drag Race with your parents


13. And finally an answer to where we recognised Crystal from 

14. Maisie nearly had a heart attack watching her on the main stage, poor love

15. We could watch a full episode of Downton Draggy...


16. Although we can’t help but wonder what Dame Maggie would have made of it all...

17. Michelle, do not mess with Sum Ting Wong’s back rolls


18. Her attempts to comfort Blu were camp, to say the least 

19. Scardey’s lip sync was inspirational and awful in equal measure

20. On the whole, the lip sync was more drunken auntie than fierce drag queen

21. Scardey’s exit was full of truth for someone who has never been in drag outside of their bedroom before

 22. Although she missed a prime opportunity with her lipstick message this week

23. In fact, there were many other moments that were totally relatable to the #WAGathaChristie saga

24. We need to see a show where Lazer Minelli and Coleen Rooney team up immediately

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is available to stream now on BBC iPlayer, with new episodes dropping every Thursday at 8pm. 

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