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21 Gag-Worthy Reactions That Perfectly Sum Up Drag Race UK's Sickening Debut

It's fair to say that the opening episode more than lived up to the hype.

Drag Race fans’ prayers were finally answered on Thursday night, as the UK version made its long-awaited arrival on BBC Three. 

In the lead up to the launch, there had been some questions about how the American formula would mix with our very British take on drag – but thankfully, Drag Race UK was more than up to the challenge. 

There was screaming, there were tears and more importantly, there were more British cultural references and slang than anyone could have ever anticipated. 

RuPaul's Drag Race UK made its debut on Thursday

And the laughs spilled over onto Twitter too, where fans shared some pretty gag-worthy reactions to the queens’ debut...

1. No matter where you were, home, school or work, the rush to get to the nearest internet-connected viewing station was real

2. Those who couldn’t make it in time were clinging on to the hope the internet would not spoil it for them

3. It was clear from the offset that international Drag Race fans would have a hard time with all the UK accents

4. See also: British slang

5. But the linguistic barriers were not going to stand in the way of all the jokes, the entrances and the banter (we’re looking at you, Baga Chips and Vinegar Strokes)

6. Vinegar Strokes serving Kat Slater realness upon her entrance was something for the Herstory books

7. The Vivienne’s Kim Woodburn impression sparked immediate hopes for a Snatch Game appearance

8. But when Scardey Kat won the mini-challenge, it was clear some people were not happy

9. It was nice to see that the CBBC channel had been allowed to stay up past their bedtime to give their two pennies worth

10. Michelle Visage’s moment of foot-in-mouth shade did not go unnoticed. So painful, yet so funny

11. But that wasn’t the only scandal on the main stage that night

12. For Sum Ting Wong is the stamp queen of our hearts

13. Andrew Garfield finding his true self on the catwalk was a joy to watch


14. Can we talk about the prize – it’s a RuPeter Badge!

15. It’s a lovely badge, but really?!

16. Gothy Kendoll. That lip sync. Oh no.

17. Alan Carr throwing all the shade on Gothy Kendoll proved why we love him so much

18. Thoughts are already turning to all those other excellent Snatch Game possibilities

19. If you need a perfect zero context summary of episode one, look no further than this...

20. It’s fair to say, Drag Race UK was as camp and British as we’d all hoped


 21. But having to wait a whole week for the next episode is just too painful

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is available to stream now on BBC iPlayer, with new episodes dropping every Thursday at 8pm. 

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