Dramatic Video Shows Aftermath Of French Train Rescue

One of the Americans who subdued a shooter on a high-speed train to Paris managed to capture video of the aftermath of the heroic rescue.

Anthony Sadler, a senior at Sacramento State University, was traveling from Amsterdam with two friends, U.S. Airman Spencer Stone and U.S. National Guardsman Alex Skarlatos. The three Americans, along with a British man, Chris Norman, tackled and disarmed the shooter in the aisle of the train after he emerged from the bathroom, opening fire on the crowd. Three people, including Stone, were injured in the attack, but no one was killed thanks to the brave efforts and quick reactions of the four men.

Here's the video, taken moments after the attack:

The attacked, identified by the Associated Press as Ayoub El-Khazzani, was armed with an AK-47, nine extra magazines, a pistol, and a box cutter.

Skarlatos told Sky News how the scene unfolded:

"Spencer got to the guy first, grabbed the guy by the neck and I grabbed the handgun, got the handgun away from the guy and threw it," he said. "Then I grabbed the AK, which was at his feet, and started muzzle thumping him in the head with it."

President Obama called the three Americans to thank them for their lifesaving efforts.

Anthony Sadler and Alex Skarlatos

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