20/02/2015 11:37 PM AEDT | Updated 20/02/2015 11:59 PM AEDT

One Pot Pasta Recipes That Will Save Weeknight Dinners Everywhere

Weekdays are busy. They're also really long. And even though we all have to eat, making dinner at the end of a workday is the last thing we want to do. Right? If you're nodding your head in agreement, we have good news: We have found a simple dinner option. Let us introduce you to our new favorite super-easy, one pot pasta recipes.

No, "one pot" does NOT mean that you boil your pasta in a pot, drain it, and cook your sauce in the same pot. It means you literally throw all the ingredients in one pot -- pasta, sauce and all -- and cook it all at once. Do you know what that means? Fewer steps, and so little clean up. Consider your weeknights saved.

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