26/09/2015 12:47 AM AEST

Majestic Photos Show What It's Like To Sit At The Edge Of The World

We're packing our bags.

How far do you have to travel to feel like you're sitting on the edge of the world?

We asked EyeEm's community of photographers to capture the epic nature of locations so remote and so vast that they can make explorers feel like they've reached, as author and poet Shel Silverstein wrote, the place where the sidewalk ends.  

The eerie yet beautiful photos are taken from atop mountains, in the middle of deserts and at the shore of the sea. The photographs are so spectacular because they capture the quiet tranquility of nearly empty places, and make us want to step outside to take a deep breath of fresh air. Scroll through the images below to find out what it looks like to stand at the edge of the world. 

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