29/06/2016 12:35 AM AEST

Iceland Company Trolls England's Soccer Team With Free Whale Watching Tour

"It must be hard to lose against the smallest nation that has ever taken part in a championship," the company sympathized.

Banet12 via Getty Images
North Sailing is offering England's failed soccer team free whale watching tours in north Iceland's Husavik bay, pictured.

After suffering their second "Brexit" in one week, England's likely in need of a little R&R -- and what better remedy than whale watching?

An Icelandic whale watching company is offering free tickets to England's soccer team after their team knocked them out of the Euro 2016 finals.

"It must be hard to lose against the smallest nation that has ever taken part in a championship," North Sailing quipped on their Facebook page Monday, "but to look on the bright side, they just won 23 tickets to go whale watching in beautiful Húsavík."

Iceland's 2-1 victory over England was indeed a major surprise blow to the already beleaguered country, for a number of reasons.

England not only boasted the most expensive soccer team in the European Championship but when comparing team coaches, England's coach Roy Hodgson -- who has since announced that he is stepping down -- reportedly earned $4.6 million a year while Iceland's co-coach Heimir Hallgrimson is a practicing dentist. This was also Iceland's first-ever major tournament.

Reuters Staff / Reuters
Several of England's soccer players, including goalkeeper Joe Hart (top left), are seen looking dejected after losing to Iceland Monday.

England's embarrassing loss also came just days after Great Britain voted to leave the European Union, causing widespread political and economic chaos.

North Sailing, as hospitable as they are, further recognized the country's anti-European leanings while making their offer.

"Given recent Brexit we also assumed they would prefer a non-EU destination. While England now is leaving Europe, we are all going to France on Sunday," they stated.

North Sailing said their offer also stands for any English fans on Tuesday.