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Eric Trump Tried To Troll Joe Biden With Rally Photos. It Did Not Go Well.

“One is responsible and the other is Covid infected Super Spreader," one Twitter user hit back at Donald Trump's son.

Eric Trump ― the touter of an imaginary coronavirus vaccine ― earned yet another roasting on Twitter Tuesday as users pointed out a major flaw with his latest attack on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Donald Trump’s son was mocked after he shared two photographs ― one showing hundreds of people attending one of the president’s recent campaign rallies, the other of Biden speaking to a socially-distanced drive-in rally in Ohio on Monday.

“The polls are wrong…,” Eric Trump captioned the images.

Twitter users noted a big problem with Eric Trump’s argument against national polling that indicates a Biden victory in the 2020 election.

Namely, that Biden was being responsible at his event because of the pandemic and that the president’s rally, where supporters were stood side by side and not wearing face masks, was anything but.

“You’re comparing the super spreader moronic events that you guys hold to this safe socially distance drive in rallies,” responded one critic.

Another referenced the president’s own coronavirus illness: “One is responsible and the other is Covid infected Super Spreader. I’ll go with the responsible adult, not the narcissist.”

Donald Trump has since declared himself free of the virus that hospitalized him earlier this month for three days.

Eric Trump, meanwhile, on Tuesday continued to stump for his father at events in Detroit and Minnesota. The president’s son shared pictures from the rally on Twitter. Many attendees were not wearing masks.

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