03/10/2019 5:54 PM AEST

Mum Says Jetstar Told Her To Keep ‘Soiled Nappy’ At Her Feet Throughout Flight

A New Zealand mum has shared her “humiliating” experience that left her in tears.

An Auckland mum claims Jetstar NZ asked her to keep a soiled nappy at her feet during a flight after she couldn’t find a bin in the plane’s bathroom. 

Mum-of-two Komal Shah was travelling between Auckland and Palmerston North with her two small children on Tuesday when she noticed her 17-month-old child’s nappy needed changing.  

After being directed by cabin crew to the bathroom at the front of the plane, Shah changed her son but claims she could not find a bin for the dirty nappy.   

The plane had no rubbish bin in the toliet (sic) and the flight attendant wanted me to put the soiled nappy Underneath my feet,” she wrote in a post on Jetstar NZ’s official Facebook page

“She came up and shouted at me in front of my children and other passengers to put it under my feet to remove it and keep it there.” 

Stuff NZ reports Shah had originally placed the nappy in a nappy bag and positioned it in a corner of the restroom where other passengers wouldn’t step on it. 

Shah says she was left humiliated after the flight attendant followed her back to her seat and allegedly yelled at her and asked her to keep the nappy at her feet. 

“She didn’t have to embarrass or yell at me in front of everyone including my own kids,” Shah wrote. 

“After the plane landed I told her I will remove the nappy and she snapped yes take it! And carried on being rude to the point that two pilots had to come out and tell the flight attendant to calm down.”

Australian Associated Press
Jetstar recently announced it will soon no longer service four NZ centres including Palmerston North, the destination Shah was travelling.  

Shah says the pilots both apologised before she disembarked the plane. She wrote: “Travelling with children alone isnt easy... this was enough to break a mum down.” 

Jetstar confirmed the incident on Thursday. 

“Our customer care team is in contact with the customer to better understand what happened and we apologise sincerely for any confusion or embarrassment that she and her family experienced on board,” the airline told HuffPost Australia. 

“Families travelling with infants and young children are able to change nappies in the toilets on board our aircraft. Rubbish bins are provided in toilets on all our aircraft where soiled nappies can be disposed of.”