20/12/2019 3:25 PM AEDT

40 Hilarious Holiday Card Photo Fails

Because sometimes, getting kids in the holiday spirit is tough.

No matter how hard you try, getting kids to cooperate and pose for a nice family photo is not always an attainable goal. This is especially true for the all-important holiday card photo. 

But at least you can laugh about it. We asked the HuffPost Parents Facebook community to share their funniest holiday card photo outtakes. Keep scrolling for some hilarious gems.

  • Courtesy of Elysa Archibald
    "I showed my 5-year-old after I took them, and she said, 'Well, I told you I hate taking pictures!'"
  • Courtesy of Paige Cavanaugh
  • Courtesy of Hannah LaVigne
    "He said he wanted to take a picture by himself, not with big brother."
  • Courtesy of Samantha Kurth
    "My husband ... "
  • Courtesy of Michelle Kippes Snowden
  • Courtesy of Sasha Bennett/Valley Photography
    "Not too happy about a baby sister."
  • Courtesy of Megan Lubben Borgos
  • Courtesy of Amy Gilbert
  • Courtesy of Kelsey Cordes
    "Me, 100% over it thinking we won’t get one decent picture, and my crazy eyes accidentally came out."
  • Courtesy of Erin Kim/Sara Sniderman Photography
    "My 8-month-old Lottie is NOT amused by our shenanigans."
  • Courtesy of Emily Bova
  • Courtesy of Sara DeWitt
  • Courtesy of Jess Harrington/KFanciullo Photography
    "My amazing photographer was trying to get my grumpy daughter to smile by tickling her. Her assistant captured this image of her trying to get out of the shot."
  • Courtesy of Emma McNaul
  • Courtesy of Kellie Still Dyer
    "Almost dropped my fit-throwing child down the steps while my oldest looked on with an evil grin."
  • Courtesy of Jessica Diane Anderson
    "Five 'joy'ful kids... one, not so much."
  • Courtesy of Ann Dodson
  • Courtesy of Nicole Kantorski
  • Courtesy of Kaleigh Glatfelter
    "Hubby and son decided to have a flour fight while we were supposed to be making cookies. And yes, I’m eating the dough."
  • Courtesy of Marlo Thorp
  • Courtesy of Brittany Blake
  • Courtesy of Kaydi Lazz
    "The timer caught the second after my husband sat and crushed my foot."
  • Courtesy of Nikki Lambertus
  • Courtesy of Jess Sankar
  • Courtesy of Samantha Jo
  • Courtesy of Stephanie Ellis/Joshua Goddard Photgraphy
  • Courtesy of Pam Mullins Demling
  • Courtesy of Julie Connatser
    "Our golden doodle decided to do an epic photobomb."
  • Courtesy of Roxanne Brown
  • Courtesy of Amanda Peterson
  • Courtesy of Tiffany Denney
    "We ended up using it because it actually captures part of his personality!"
  • Courtesy of Callie Gleason Southall/Jynnifer Lacy Photography
  • Courtesy of Amanda Esquilin
  • Courtesy of Monier Gulla/Molly Anne Photography
    "My amazing girlfriend captures this moment trying to do family photos with two very energetic little boys!"
  • Courtesy of Katya Stepanoff
    " I wanted one good picture of me with the kids this year. ONE."
  • Courtesy of Kath Connerton
  • Courtesy of Gabrielle Wilson
    "My kids took 'make a funny face' as a challenge."
  • Courtesy of Hanni Guinn
  • Courtesy of Karen L. Powers
  • Courtesy of Katie Schrader Soboleski