17/10/2019 1:21 PM AEDT

35 Funny Tweets About The Highs And Lows Of Having A Roommate

"Having a roommate is like being a detective and all your mysteries have one suspect."

Love ’em or lowkey kind of hate ’em, you never forget your roommates.

At some point, you may even have a memorable collection of them: There’s the one who cleaned the house of toxic energy with sage ... weekly. The one who had criminally loud sex (but also a heart of gold so you let it slide). The one who sent you a funds transfer request for a single Tide pod. The one who kept to themselves so much, there were times you wondered if they had died.

Sharing a space is rarely not an adventure. Naturally, the whole experience lends itself to some great comedy material. Below, 35 funny tweets about the highs and lows of life with roommates. 

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