05/01/2017 10:28 AM AEDT

German Man Comes Home, Finds Brick Wall Blocking His Door

“It reminded me of the building of the Berlin Wall," a police officer said.

Hemera Technologies via Getty Images
A man in Mainhausen, Germany, came home from work and discovered a brick wall blocking his doorway.

Sometimes, you just want to bang your head against a brick wall ― especially when one has been mysteriously erected in front of your door.

That’s the bizarre blockade a man in Mainhausen, Germany, faced when he came home from working the night shift on Monday morning.

The mortar on the bricks was dry enough that the man had to borrow an ax to smash through the wall in order to get to his front door, according to, a German website.

The wall appears to have been built by pranksters, but police didn’t find it funny.

“It reminded me of the building of the Berlin Wall,” a police spokesman said, according to the BBC. “That went up pretty quickly, too.”

He added: “It’s a crime and no joke.”

Police estimate damage caused by the wall builders to be around $523, according to Most of the damage was to the front door, its frame and the bell, according to

Police said they had no leads, but suspect they will soon.

“This is the classic story that someone unwraps sometime at the bar. And then it ends up very quickly with us,” Officer Ingbert Zacharias told 

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