19/02/2016 5:56 AM AEDT

The Best Grain Salad Recipes Will Turn Your Greens Into A Meal

It's the trick to turning your salad into a meal.

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Salads are great. They're full of fresh produce, drizzled with delicious dressings and make you feel good about the choices you're making in life. But there's a problem. Just an hour or two after eating a salad, your stomach tends to forget you've eaten at all. And so, you must eat again.

Unless of course, you were wise enough to eat a grain salad.

Grain salads are a lot like regular salads, only they're loaded with heart-healthy whole grains like barley, farro and/or wheat berries -- plus all the greens and produce you love in traditional salads. Some grain salads are made up mostly of grains, others are just regular salads bulked up with a couple spoonfuls of grains, and all of them are delicious. Look:

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