17/02/2016 3:37 AM AEDT

With These Granola Bar Recipes, You'll Know Exactly What You're Eating

Because they're SO good.

Minimalist Baker, Half Baked Harvest

Granola bars make a great quick breakfast or snack, because they're delicious and usually pretty healthy. Only problem is, many of those store-bought brands have an ingredient list longer than it should be. And then there's the issue of how much sugar gets snuck into them. How do you solve that problem? Make them yourself, at home.

Homemade granola bars are really easy to make, absolutely delicious and can be whipped up without any refined sugar at all. Bonus: you'll know what all the ingredients are, too. They store in the freezer nicely, which means you can have them on hand for whenever you need. In other words, they're amazing and you should really make a recipe or two. Here are the best ones to choose from:

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