25/03/2016 12:44 AM AEDT

15 Healthy Brownie Recipes, Because Chocolate Is So Necessary

Your life is about to change.

We've never met a brownie we didn't like. Trouble is, we can't seem to make a batch without devouring the entire pan.

Since classic brownie recipes can be packed with refined sugars and fats, they can be a problematic temptation if you're trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But brownies don't have to be a once-in-a-blue-moon indulgence. Thanks to the wonderful world of healthy food blogs, we stumbled upon quite a few healthy brownie recipes that you could even eat for breakfast.

Some recipes use beans instead of flour and others substitute dates or maple syrup for sugar -- these and other healthy baking secrets will totally change the way you make brownies.

Below, 15 healthy and delicious brownie recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth and your healthy sensibilities.

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