13 Instagram Accounts Every Health-Conscious Food Lover Should Follow ASAP

It doesn't have to be all doughnuts, all the time.

Instagram is as much about sharing photos of your niece as it is about drooling over other people's meals. And while it's natural to indulge once in a while, the abundance of junk food does tend to clog up our feeds. And it's hard to resist Nutella and bacon.

As it turns out though, there are a slew of just-as-beautiful and enticing accounts that won't do a number on your waistline or your cholesterol levels.

Perhaps you're finally getting around to making your own almond milk or the smoothie bowl you've always dreamed of. Or perhaps you just want to look at some beautiful, strategically placed citrus. Whatever your health-conscious, food-loving soul is looking for, these 13 accounts have got you covered.

1. @nutririonstripped: A nutritionist who shares gorgeous food photos and provides inspiration, too. Plus her logo is an avocado in the shape of a heart, so ...

Epic Thai Spring Rolls 'cause it's a #tbt and I'm sitting here thinking about making another trip to Thailand this year...🤔🌎

A photo posted by McKel Hill, MS, RD, Dietitian (@nutritionstripped) on

2. @dltvo: Smoothies, citrus and succulents, oh my!


A photo posted by Diem Ly V. (@dltvo) on

3.@davidleestudios: What's better than photos of food? Stop motion videos of food.

remembering this tip from last year ⚡️ #stopmotion #foodtip

A video posted by DavidLee+ (@davidleestudios) on

4. @thefoodgrinder: This page, which boasts "No annoying, hard to get ingredients!" also has a three-ingredient brownie recipe we want to try ASAP.

5. @anne_travel_foodie: Two words: Sushi. Pie.

6.@jveuxetrebonne: A stop motion artist with a wonderful penchant for bold color (and candied citrus).

Candied citrus in progress 🤗❤️ #inseason #colors #yumyum

A video posted by 🍓Hana (JVEB)🍓 (@jveuxetrebonne) on

7. @banana_mylk: This account could make a smoothie bowl lover out of anyone.

8. @leahitsines: Fitness guru Kayla Itsines' sister shares healthy recipes (some of her own design) alongside LOL-worthy memes.

9. @adamkenworthy: Chef Adam Kenworthy shows off beautifully presented, colorful clean eats.

10. @fresheather: Duo Hannah and Heather balance out indulgent meals with overnight oats, zoodles and more.

Leftover lunches are the best kind of lunches ✌🏼️

A photo posted by 🍃Fresh Heather: Heather+Hannah (@fresheather) on

11. @livingthehealthychoice: You might think you stumbled upon Bon Appetit's feed thanks to the artful aesthetic on this food blogger's page.

12. @foodheavenshow: This adorable pair of dietitians share just as many inspiring photos of their travels as they do their healthy meals.

Mediterranean inspired kale salad for my black olive and hummus lovers! Another recipe I'll post tonight ♡♡

A photo posted by healthy cooking & other thangs (@foodheavenshow) on

13. @dailybreakfast: All yummy breakfasts. All the time.

Light lunch after Bikram Yoga 👌🏼w/ @tintacorda and @nonsolofood 🍲

A photo posted by Laura La Monaca (@dailybreakfast) on

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