14/08/2020 8:13 AM AEST

Hillary Clinton Cuts To Trump’s Core In Just 2 Words

The former presidential rival hit back after Trump name-checked her during a Fox News interview.

Hillary Clinton had some choice words for President Donald Trump on Wednesday. Two of them, in fact. 

Trump this week was asked by Fox News host Sean Hannity about Senator Kamala Harris, who was selected to be the running mate of presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden

Trump gave a long and rambling answer in which he attacked the media, praised Hannity and slammed former President Barack Obama. He didn’t mention Harris, but he did squeeze in a dig against his 2016 presidential campaign rival.

Clinton fired back on Twitter: 

Clinton discussed Trump’s bizarre fixation with her ― years after the election ― in an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow in 2019. She said she’s “living rent-free inside of Donald Trump’s brain, and it’s not a very nice place to be.”