04/02/2016 3:59 PM AEDT

Hillary Clinton Reveals How She Tricked Everyone When She Was First Lady

A low-key disguise allowed her to go for walks.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may have tricked Washington tourists and residents when she was first lady by going for walks in disguise, she revealed on Wednesday.

"I would put on a baseball cap and sunglasses and, you know, sweatpants and a sweatshirt and pull my hair back, and I would go for a walk," Clinton said at a CNN town hall for Democratic candidates in New Hampshire. "I would tell the Secret Service they had to wear casual clothes, take the thing out of their ears and look like tourists. I would end up on the [National] Mall, and a family would come up and say, 'Would you mind taking our picture in front of the White House?'" 

Clinton's anecdote was in response to a question from moderator Anderson Cooper, who asked if she ever wishes she could be anonymous, given her decades in the public eye.

"There's nothing I like better than to be anonymous, as hard as that is to achieve," Clinton said.

Clinton told Cooper that her ideal day would include walking, spending time at a cafe or a book store, and talking with old friends, whom she said "keep me grounded, keep me honest."

"Of course, it would have to end with seeing my granddaughter," she continued.

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Clinton frequently tells stories about her granddaughter Charlotte on the campaign trail and has said that she has a "grandmother glow" that motivates her.

She said Wednesday that her daughter Chelsea had brought Charlotte to Monday's Iowa caucus. 

"It was so thrilling," Clinton said. "Chelsea brings her in, and she sees me, and she goes, 'Grandma!' The caucus could have happened right there."

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