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Hillary Clinton Uses Barbra Streisand’s Pandemic Question To Taunt Donald Trump

Music icon Streisand asked how Clinton would have tackled coronavirus had she been president. Trump won't like Clinton's answer.

Music icon Barbra Streisand asked via Twitter how Hillary Clinton would have handled the coronavirus pandemic had she won the 2016 election and now been in office:

Clinton answered Tuesday with a dig at President Donald Trump’s dislike of intelligence briefings and how he reportedly ignored early warnings about the looming public health crisis:

Trump has previously claimed he doesn’t need to receive daily intelligence briefings because he is “smart.”

The president continues to face widespread criticism over his administration’s response to the public health crisis as the number of new infections soars to record levels.

The virus has now killed more than 128,000 people nationwide.

Streisand, who campaigned for Clinton four years ago, last month slammed the federal response to the pandemic, describing Trump as ”dangerous to our health.”

“We cannot afford four more years of malice, division and lies, and neither can our planet,” she said at a virtual fundraiser for presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. “We don’t need a bully as a president who picks fights and rules by retaliation. Let’s face it: Trump is unfit mentally and morally to hold this office.”

Streisand has in the past called Trump a “conman.”

“In this upcoming election, we must bring back dignity and grace,” she wrote in an op-ed for Variety in March.

Clinton, meanwhile, this week continued speaking out against Trump’s pandemic failings by repurposing the slogan he used to campaign against her.

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