14/10/2020 9:39 PM AEDT

Homer Gets A Brutal Reality Check As He Votes In New ‘Simpsons’ Clip

“Treehouse of Horror XXXI” airs on Sunday night.

Homer Simpson casts his d’oh in a new clip from “The Simpsons” teasing the annual “Treehouse of Horror” episode. And Lisa Simpson may have saved him from wasting a vote on Judge Judy.

“You’re hesitating over president?” she asks. “Dad, by all that’s decent, how could you forget everything that’s happened the last four years?” 

Somehow he did ― this is Homer, after all ― but he was quickly confronted with a blunt summary of what US President Donald Trump said and did since winning the 2016 election. 

You can watch Homer make his choice in the clip below: 

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