This Alternative Valentine's Cake Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! 💕

If mushy-gushy Valentine's Day desserts aren't your thing, then consider this bone-chilling alternative.

How To Cake It expert Yolanda Gampp has created DIY instructions for a human heart cake so bloody good, it'll leave even the most cold-hearted tasters in awe:

To make your own, start by trimming some red velvet cake rounds into a human heart shape. Add buttercream icing for that fresh-out-of-the-morgue-freezer look...

...and apply fondant veins to really get the blood moving.

Finally, apply raspberry jam blood sauce for a cake everyone will fall in "love" with.

For the full instructions, tips, and recipes required to pull off this labor of blood, watch the How To Cake It video above.

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