19/04/2018 2:00 AM AEST | Updated 19/04/2018 5:19 AM AEST

30 Award-Winning Pics That Will Change How You See Wedding Photography

They're works of art. 🎨

Emma Warley
The photo above, shot by Emma Warley of Emma + Rich, is one of 147 standout images in Fearless Photographers' new collection.

If every picture tells a story, each of these striking wedding photos tells a really good one.

Fearless Photographers, a site that showcases the world’s best wedding photographers, unveiled its latest collection of award-winning images last week. Over 10,000 photos were submitted for consideration, but only 147 made the cut. 

Below are some of our favorites from the collection. Visit Fearless Photographers to see the rest.

  • Mario De Luzio
  • Casian Podarelu
  • Damiano Salvadori
  • Kirth Bobb
  • Olya Vysotskaya
  • Ralf Czogallik
  • Kara Counard
  • Gloria Ruth
  • Vinicius Fadul
  • Brian Callaway
  • Szymon Pietrzyk
  • Michelle Estevez
  • Ben Koller
  • Matei Horvath
  • Carlos Santanatalia
  • Gerardo Ojeda
  • Cleber Junior
  • Max Ming
  • Shan Ambigaipagan
  • Emma Warley
  • Gaelle le Berre
  • Hendra Lesmana
  • Siddharth Sharma
  • Denise Motz
  • Steven Rooney
  • Elena Haralabaki
  • David Pelaz
  • Matthew Sowa
  • Jennifer Ludwig
  • Christina Craft
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