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Here's What Aussies Are Liking Most On Instagram In 2019

Instagram’s annual trends report reveals we really, really like Avocados, clean spaces … and horoscopes!
Australian Instagram trends for 2019.
Australian Instagram trends for 2019.

Avocado art, horoscopes and snaps of obsessively clean homes are among Australia’s favourite interests on Instagram, according to a new report by the social platform.

The A-Z of Instagram report, released Thursday, highlights what topics Aussies are engaging with and what trends and influencers they are following.

“This list highlights how Australians are using the platform to share their passions and connect with like-minded people all over the country,” Instagram’s Noelle Kim said.

So, what’s trending in Australia culturally?

Avocado Art

The platform says Avocado Art has seen significant growth in engagement by the Australian Instagram community, measured over a 90-day period in 2019.

Our parents may have told us not to play with our food but artist Daniele Barresi, a world champion carving designer, has gained more than 80k followers with his intricate green designs.

Indigenous Female Empowerment

Emerging account @Tiddas4Tiddas makes the list for its work highlighting Indigenous female excellence. The initiative is run by Kamilaroi sisters Marlee and Keely Silva and the idea was inspired by 2018’s NAIDOC ‘Because of Her, We Can’ theme.

“We began the journey with Tiddas 4 Tiddas in November 2018 with the simple hopes of building a safe space for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tiddas to share their stories of excellence,” Marlee and Keely wrote on their site.

Tidda is an Indigenous Australian word for sister.


The Marie Kondo effect has given birth to the addictive trend of #cleanstagrams, a new online community that Instagram says “highlights Instagram’s values and priorities.”

Gold Coast “cleanfluencer” Kat Springer, who posts weekly declutter tasks, has inspired many Australians to flex their organisational muscles and take control of their storage systems in the home. Cat will even show you how to fold a dreaded fitted sheet on her IGTV. The #cleanstagrams hashtag has more than 3000 posts.

Dirt Biking

Dirt Biking influencers have made the list off the back of three Aussies recently named in the top 10 2019 Women’s Australian Motocross Championships. With more than 108k hashtags, Instagram says the previously male dominated sport is appealing to more and more females online.

Be Body Positive

With more than 3.7 million followers, it’s no secret the #bodypositivity community has solidified its home on Instagram and helped Aussies find their tribe and feel empowered. Perth model Kate Wasley, who co-founded the body acceptance account Anybody Co, leads the way with 340k followers.

Zodiac Accounts

One of the quirkier trends on Instagram’s annual report is Zodiac accounts with #zodiacmemes attracting 184k followers.

The world of astrology has taken the leap from 1800 numbers and magazines to help Instagram users keep up to date with how lunar and planetary cycles affect our day to day. Melbourne based account @astrotash and Sydney based are quality horoscopes that will tell you what the Mercury retrograde really means and how to survive it.

Plants, jillaroos, Lake Tyrrell, and the #netballislife hashtag also made the Aussie list of cultural trends on Instagram for 2019. Full list here.

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