09/10/2020 7:33 AM AEDT | Updated 09/10/2020 6:45 PM AEDT

James Corden Notices A Striking Contrast In Donald Trump's New Video

The "Late Late Show" host Corden tried to listen to the president's message but kept getting distracted.

This is something you can’t makeup ... or maybe you can?

With ongoing concerns about Donald Trump’s health following his coronavirus diagnosis, the US president made a video on Wednesday to show he’s doing well. Though the clip had various notable moments, including the president calling his diagnosis a “blessing from God,” Corden was struck by another curious aspect.

“Is it just me, or is Trump looking especially orange?” the “Late Late Show” host wondered, as he and Ian Karmel, co-head writer of the “Late Late Show,” broke into Oompa Loompa song parodies about the president.

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Corden tried to listen to Trump’s message but kept getting distracted.

“I mean, look at the difference between the colour of his hands and the face,” he said, adding, “Who’s doing the makeup?”

“I think they’re like 8 feet away with a fire hose applying it,” Karmel joked.

Can you spot the difference? Corden tried to listen to Trump’s message but kept getting distracted.  

Corden just couldn’t get over the contrast between Trump’s hands and his face. The difference was so striking that he even compared it to his own makeup, leading the “Late Late Show” host to come to a startling revelation:

Dude’s got the same look.

“I mean, it’s not as bad, but it’s close,” Corden admitted, looking at his pale hands. “I mean, I’ll be honest. I regret going on this riff now because ... I am in a glass house chucking some stones.”

Earlier this week Corden opened Tuesday’s episode with a musical dig at Trump.

He called out the president’s failed response to the coronavirus pandemic — including his ongoing downplaying of COVID-19, even after being hospitalized for three days with the disease — with a reworked version of Beatles singer Paul McCartney’s 1970 hit “Maybe I’m Amazed.”

Corden used the song, retitled “Maybe I’m Immune,” to slam Trump’s disregard for science and his suggestion that the coronavirus could be treated by injecting disinfectant.

Check out Corden’s parody here: