06/04/2020 9:37 AM AEST

Jennifer Aniston Serves Up Delicious Surprise For Nurse With Coronavirus

The Friends star stunned nurse Kimball Fairbanks by joining her video call interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

Friends star Jennifer Aniston joined comedian Jimmy Kimmel on his late night TV show on Thursday to surprise and thank a cardiovascular nurse who has tested positive for Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

Kimball Fairbanks, from St. George, Utah, appeared visibly stunned when Jennifer joined the video call she having with the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host.

Kimball, who has been furloughed from her job and separated from her two children since her diagnosis earlier this week, admitted to surviving mainly off food deliveries. She said her symptoms have been mild.

So, she was further shocked when Jennifer revealed she was to receive a $10,000 gift card from the on-demand delivery company Postmates ― as well as cards for every nurse in her hospital department.

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Jennifer Aniston surprised a nurse with coronavirus on Jimmy Kimmel's show

“Wow,” responded Kimball.

“But you have to use it all in one shot,” joked Jimmy.

Watch the full segment in the video above...

During her appearance on the show, Jennifer said she had not found self-isolating amid the coronavirus pandemic “much of a challenge”.

“I’m a born agoraphobe,” she said, revealing she’d not left her home in three weeks. 

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Jennifer said she has not left her home in three weeks.

“This is kind of a dream – not a dream, it’s obviously a nightmare. But, me personally, it’s not been that much of a challenge.”

She said she had been reorganising her home, revealing: “I was a crazy person the first week, and then I realised I had to pull back because I was going to run out of closets. Thirty more days! I’ve got to pace myself.”

Jennifer also admitted she has been limiting the time she spends watching the news.

She said: “I allow a check-in in the morning and then I’ll do a check-in in the evening, and that is it because basically, it’s regurgitating the exact same thing.”