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Jennifer Lopez Dances With Ex Diddy On Instagram Before Alex Rodriguez Cuts In

The former couple reunited nearly 20 years after their breakup to raise funds for coronavirus relief.

While many of us are texting our exes to fight the quarantine boredom, Jennifer Lopez is out here dancing on Instagram Live with hers, proving yet again that she does everything better.

The “Hustlers” star reunited with Sean “Diddy” Combs, whom she dated from 1999 to 2001, on Sunday night to raise funds for health care workers in underserved communities amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Their reunion had everyone online feeling their early aughts fantasy and reminiscing over one of the most beloved couples of the time ― remember, JLo walked the red carpet in that Versace dress with the rap mogul ― as they laughed, danced and drank together just like the old days.

Diddy announced last week that he’d be raising funds for COVID-19 relief on Instagram Live, telling his millions of fans, “Me and my family are having a dance-a-thon, the whole world is invited. We on lockdown, but we want to dance.”

And if there’s anyone you’d want to have at a dance-a-thon, it’s Jenny From the Block ― and that’s exactly what she did.

The two showed off their considerable moves to Elvis Crespo’s merengue hit “Suavemente” with Lopez joking, “I probably taught you that.”

And before anyone could raise an eyebrow at the reunion, Lopez’s fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, appeared on camera to share a beer with Diddy.

Lopez even let slip that the former Yankee player is a major fan of the rapper-turned-entrepreneur.

“Puffy, you have to know this because I don’t think you know this — this guy right here is your biggest fan,” Lopez said, adding that he is always the one to request Diddy and Mase songs at every party.

While the trio appear to be on good terms now, there were a few bumps in the road ― like that time Diddy fell directly into Lopez’s thirst trap.

The Golden Globe nominee essentially broke the internet by posting a pic of her world-famous abs back in January, which elicited a flirty response from Diddy that apparently rubbed Rodriguez the wrong way.

“OMG,” Diddy posted in the comments under the photo, before A-Rod chimed in with, “Lucky Me.”

After Diddy’s comment made all sorts of headlines, he reached out to Rodriguez to clear the air.

“He wrote Alex after [commenting],” Lopez revealed during an interview with “The Breakfast Club.” “He was like, ‘I didn’t mean anything by it. I have nothing but respect for you guys. I’m so happy for you guys.’ We were together so many years ago. It’s just like … we were kids, you know?”

Lopez hinted that Rodriguez is the jealous type, adding, “He doesn’t play. He’s a crazy Dominican. ... Do not disrespect that man.”

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez attend the Tom Ford show in February.
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez attend the Tom Ford show in February.

But Sunday’s livestream was all in good fun and actually managed to do some good.

Diddy revealed that he raised over $3 million for the cause with Kelly Rowland, DJ Khaled, Megan Thee Stallion and LeBron James also participating.

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