13/02/2020 2:32 PM AEDT

Jim Carrey Raises Eyebrows With Inappropriate Response To Journalist's Bucket List Question

The actor is currently promoting the Sonic The Hedgehog movie.

Jim Carrey has raised eyebrows following an inappropriate response he gave in a recent interview. 

The Hollywood star was being interviewed by Heat magazine journalist Charlotte Long on the publicity trail for his new film Sonic The Hedgehog, when talk turned to his achievements as an actor. 

Asked if there was “anything left on his bucket list”, Carrey looked at Long and responded: “Just you... That’s it. It’s all done now.”

“Oh wow,” Long responded with a laugh. “I don’t know what to say to that.” 

“Just own it,” Carrey told her. 

The reporter joked she was “owning it” before taking a moment as she tried to get the interview back on track. 

Watch the moment below (from 1.44 mark)...

After the full interview was published on Heat’s YouTube channel, Long shared a clip of the moment on Twitter in a now-deleted tweet on Wednesday. 

“Didn’t expect this when I asked Jim Carrey about bucket lists,” she wrote.

It prompted a lot of comment on social media, with Carrey coming in for criticism.

Long also won praise for how she handled Carrey’s response. 

HuffPost UK has contacted a representative for Jim Carrey and is awaiting a response. 

It is the second time in as many weeks that the actor has been called out for his comments in an interview situation. 

During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, viewers labelled him “rude” and “patronising” for a joke he made about fellow guest Margot Robbie’s looks and talent.

Carrey is currently promoting the Sonic The Hedgehog film, in which he voices villain Dr Ivo Robotnik. 

The release of its first trailer last April was pretty much universally panned, largely due to the design of the titular hedgehog. 

So severe was the backlash that the film’s release was pushed back so they could tweak the design of the character.