15/10/2020 6:32 PM AEDT

Joe Biden Gives Donald Trump's 'Super-Spreader' Rallies The Horror Movie Remix They Deserve

The Biden campaign had some blunt advice for not contracting COVID-19: "Stay away from the president."

Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s campaign roasted President Donald Trump for holding rallies amid the coronavirus pandemic in a new short video it shared on Twitter Wednesday.

The 22-second clip — set to horror movie-style music — features footage of Trump telling the estimated 7,000 people who attended his rally in Sanford, Florida, on Monday that he felt “so powerful” following his recovery from COVID-19 and that he’d like to “kiss everyone” in the audience.

It ends with advice on how to avoid contracting the virus:

“Wear a mask. Social distance. Stay away from the president.” 

Check out the video here:

The Sanford rally was the president’s first since being hospitalized in early October with the disease that has killed upwards of 210,000 Americans.

Attendees were packed shoulder to shoulder and many did not wear face masks — flouting government advice aimed at curbing the spread of the virus ― as Trump declared, without offering any evidence to back up his claim, that he was now likely immune. The White House had said hours earlier that Trump was now free of infection.

At the same rally, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was filmed high-fiving attendees then rubbing his nose with his hand. Trump has held multiple other campaign events since, as have his sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump.

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