27/03/2020 8:49 AM AEDT

Journalist's 'Oh Shit' In A Coronavirus Press Conference Captures The World's Mood

The perils of working from home.

Update: See the latest stories on the coronavirus outbreak.

Political editor Robert Peston inadvertently captured the spirit of the coronavirus age by swearing on national television while wrestling with the technicalities of working from home.

The ITV broadcaster was one of a number of journalists in the UK asking a question at the daily online Downing Street press conference as chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled a package of measures to help the self-employed through the outbreak. 

“We go next to Robert Peston from ITV,” said Sunak, inviting a question from the social distancing hack.

“Oh shit,” came the reply after several seconds of silence.

“Afternoon, Robert,” the chancellor responded, diplomatically.

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