17/03/2016 7:57 AM AEDT | Updated 08/02/2017 8:34 AM AEDT

Kendall Jenner Just Said The One Thing We Mortals All Hate To Hear

BRB, Shame spiraling.

Count Kendall Jenner in the naturally thin and beautiful camp, because she hasn't worked out in months. No, seriously, she's been "so bad."

“I’ve been really, really bad and I literally haven’t worked out once since the Victoria’s Secret show in November,” she told People

“I was really on point, and I haven’t been eating the same," the 20-year-old admitted. "Like I’ve been eating just s**t all the time. ‘Cause I feel like I'm on vacation now for the past couple months."

We're over here, like: 

Despite our massive eye roll, Kendall has a good reason for taking a break from the treadmill. After working herself to the bone to prepare for the VS show, she was due for some major Kendall time. 

"I worked out so hard for [Victoria's Secret], like, literally every single day -- sometimes twice. I'd go to my trainer, then I’d go for a run a couple hours later," she explained. "I used to be the most athletic kid. I was always outside ... I don’t do that ever [now]. You’re always like stuck inside, you’re always in a gym, or you’re always in your phone or whatever. So to actually to get outside and run outside, I like it. I enjoy it." 

But there is one snack that she can't resist: Fritos Chili Cheese Corn Chips. 

"Ever since I was a kid [they're] the only chips that I truly, like, love and will eat all the time. They’re really bomb," she said. 

And the Kardashian with whom she enjoys snacking the most? Khloe, of course. 

"She has the greatest snacks ever," Jenner revealed. "She always has. Literally, I walk in her house, its dangerous."

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