29/10/2015 12:17 AM AEDT | Updated 29/10/2015 6:28 AM AEDT

Khloe Kardashian Says She's Not Getting Back Together With Lamar Odom Despite Calling Off Divorce

"I believe when you love someone, you are allowed to love from afar. You don't have to be with that person in order to love him."

After Lamar Odom was hospitalized on Oct. 13, we learned two things about his relationship with Khloe Kardashian: their divorce had yet to be granted and Kardashian still very much cared about the former NBA player. 

And while their decision to call off their divorce made headlines, Kardashian told People magazine she's not getting back with Odom -- at least not yet. 

"There are too many other important things, too many medical things. It's not even in our brains, thinking about us as a couple or having a relationship right now," the 31-year-old said in her first interview since Odom's hospitalization. 

According to Kardashian, Odom has a "very long road ahead" of him. 

"He has to walk that road by himself, and, most importantly, he has to want to walk that road. I will be there supporting him every step of the way," she said adding that she will "always love him."

"I don't believe love is fickle. I believe when you love someone, you are allowed to love from afar. You don't have to be with that person in order to love him," she told the magazine. 


Kardashian has kept an uncharacteristically low profile since she rushed to Odom's bedside two weeks ago.  The reality star kept quiet on the subject for a week before releasing a statement on her website

The past week has been incredibly difficult. I am so thankful to family, friends and fans, who have sent nothing but prayers and well wishes to Lamar. I also want to take a moment to thank everyone at Sunrise Hospital, including the amazing doctors and nurses for their kindness and diligent work. Under their amazing care, incredible strides have been made. You can never be prepared for an experience like this, but without the outpouring of love and endless prayers that Lamar has received and the strength I was given from my loved ones, it would have been difficult to endure. Thank you for your continued support. God is great!!!

On Wednesday, the star took to Twitter to shut down haters who were criticizing her for shooting the People cover: 


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