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Watch Kristen Bell Debunk The 'Vagina Myths' Many People Believe

On the latest episode of "Momsplaining," the "Good Place" star teams up with a Hollywood OB-GYN to find out the truth.

Kristen Bell has a lot of thoughts about vaginas.

HuffPost got a sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode of “Momsplaining,” Bell’s Daytime-Emmy-Award-nominated weekly video series, via the above video. In it, she and “Ellen DeGeneres Show” executive producer Andy Lassner visit OB-GYN to the stars Dr. Sheryl A. Ross to “discover and uncover” a few common “vagina myths.”

“The vagina is a powerful machine,” Bell explains in the clip. “It’s also quite very mysterious.”

Along the way, the celeb pals share a few cheeky anecdotes about their respective journeys to parenthood. Turns out, Bell and husband Dax Shepard conceived daughters Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 4, at friends’ houses.

As for Lassner, he’s not 100% sure, but believes his 13-year-old twin sons, Ethan and Ryan, were “probably” conceived in the bedroom of his Encino, California, home.

Now in its fourth season, “Momsplaining” sees Bell tackling a variety of topics about parenting and womanhood. Previous episodes have been dedicated to pregnancy, sleep and self-care. The Oct. 21 season premiere featured special guest Jennifer Garner .

New episodes of “Momsplaining” appear weekly on Ellen DeGeneres’ YouTube page, Ellen Tube.

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