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Kylie Minogue Stars In Tourism Australia Ad Aimed At The UK But Twitter Isn't Having Any Of It

"The country is on fire, the air is unbreathable, towns have no water, the koala population has been obliterated."

Quokkas, budgie smugglers, Kylie Minogue’s famous short shorts at the cricket, and many flat white coffees - Tourism Australia’s new ad shows off some of our quintessential assets in a bid to lure Brits to holiday Down Under.

The promo, staring Kylie and Aussie comedian Adam Hills aired in the UK on ITV immediately after the Queen’s speech this Christmas.

It features Kylie hanging out at iconic Australian locations like Byron Bay, Victoria’s Sandringham Beach, Sydney Harbour and Uluru but Twitter says it fails to illustrate the real Australia i.e drought, heatwaves and bushfires.

The ad, dubbed “Matesong”, isn’t complete without jibes to our UK “sisters and brothers” about Brexit and the seemingly never-ending turmoil over its messy divorce with the EU.

“This year’s been tough and confusing, but progress is moving,” Kylie sings while sipping a proper cup of English tea.

“Well, at a glacial pace,” Adam butts in before offering the audience the ultimate escapism to the Aussie coastline.

“Negotiating tricky trade deals is a shocker,” he later vibes in the video while comparing glasses of classic Australian red and white wine.

Aussie singer-songwriter Eddie Perfect penned the piece and the production reportedly cost $15 million, according the ABC.

While the video offers plenty of banter showing off the age-old competitiveness between Aussies and Brits, some people online have said the ad lacks in diversity, is all “beaches, marsupials and sport” and fails to acknowledge Australia’s own struggles in 2019.

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