28/03/2016 9:00 PM AEDT

Lady Gaga's Style Evolution Proves There's No Fashion Risk She Isn't Willing To Take

She was born this way.

We dare you to find a celebrity who takes as many style risks as Lady Gaga. Go ahead, try and think of a few. We'll just wait here. 

Couldn't think of anyone? Yeah, that's because Gaga pretty much stands in a category by herself. The Grammy-winning, Oscar-nominated star has created quite the career for herself. Between her Golden Globe-worthy acting skills and those vocal chords, it's no wonder no one can look away. Though, her insane ensembles may also have a little something to do with it, too. 

There are few trends the New Yorker hasn't tried. A dress made of meat? Been there, done that. White face paint on the red carpet? No big deal. Accessories that could double as violent weaponry? Ain't no thang. 

In honor of the star's 30th birthday on March 28, we've rounded up some of her most jaw-dropping ensembles to date. Brace yourself, it may take you a few minutes to take it all in.