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Love Island Australia’s Adam Farrugia Explains What He Meant When He Told Margarita He ‘Really Likes Natural Girls’

It’s exactly what you think.

Love Island Australia’s Adam Farrugia may have been eliminated from the Fiji villa but everyone is still talking about how he brutally shut down intruder Margarita Smith during Tuesday’s episode. 

The 27-year-old plasterer from the Gold Coast did not beat around the bush when he told Margarita he “really, really likes natural girls.”

“I look at you and you’re not just my flavour,′ he told the 26-year-old aged care worker at the cocktail party. 

“I just don’t go for girls with that much work done, I’m just going to say it,” he told HuffPost Australia on Thursday night after leaving the Love Island villa. 

“She’s a pretty girl with a great personality but for me personally, I’m not into it. I don’t like the big lips, the teeth and the massive cans. 

“I don’t hate it, but she’s a tiny little girl as well.”

The honest lines from Adam sparked heated Twitter conversation with some calling his tone “insensitive.”

Adam was ‘dumped’ by Cartier Surjan during Thursday night’s final recoupling session of the season. 

While the couple was polar opposites on paper, Adam and Cartier emerged as the unlikely favourites. 

Cartier, who is a Sydney lifeguard and receptionist, considers herself a ‘born-again Christian’ and said her religion has shaped her outlook on life, adding it’s essential her romantic partner respects her views. 

“With my Christianity, I love Jesus, he has changed the way I see things, the way I view things and the way I treat others,” she said. 

“With a partner, I just want him to respect my beliefs, not put any doubt, any pressure. On the outside it would be nice if he could come to church with me and meet my church friends. I think I will show something different. I will show them me, I’m not going to hide anything.” 

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Adam explains what he meant be telling Margarita he likes "natural girls."

While the heavily-tattooed Adam has not had a girlfriend longer than six months, and is not a regular churchgoer, the pair got on well until things fizzled and Cartier decided to pursue her feelings with Adam’s good mate Matthew.  

Adam blames the “bubble” life of the villa for the breakup and said it was hard to bond with “shy” Cartier. 

“We just got really flat in there,” he said. 

“She’s great in a group.  If we were all together chatting and mingling with everyone in the villa, she’d be outspoken and loud and I’d be like ‘there’s that personality’ and back when it was just us one-on-one, she’d go back behind those walls.”

Despite his Love Island girlfriend leaving him for his best friend on the island, Adam says the situation was harder for Cartier and Matthew than it was for him. 

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Adam said his time in the Love Island villa had "run its course" and he was happy for Matthew to couple up with Cartier.

“I’m a lot older than both of them, when you’re my age you can cancel that stuff out of your head.  I’ve made a friendship out of it.”  

While Adam said the island is an intense environment to get to know people, he couldn’t confirm rumours about couples getting intimate in the villa. 

“This season compared to the last season is a lot different,” he said. 

“The girls are a lot more tame, the blokes are more tame. 

“You only get one drink, it’s tame.”

Love Island Australia airs Monday to Friday at 8:45pm on Channel Nine.

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Adam has left the villa.