11/11/2019 9:35 PM AEDT

Love Island Australia's Margarita Smith Addresses Photoshop Bust-Up And Body Image

The reality TV star said she didn't personally edit a controversial Instagram photo that's been called out by an influencer.

After being eliminated from the Love Island Australia villa on Monday night, Margarita Smith has came clean on the Photoshop “flop-up” that’s had viewers talking. 

The 26-year-old was busted superimposing her face onto Melbourne influencer Emma Spiliopoulos’ stunning bedroom, but Margarita said it wasn’t her that edited the image shared on her Instagram in June last year. 

“So what happened was obviously I was new to Instagram,” the reality TV contestant told HuffPost Australia, explaining she had “a friend who had just helped me out and sort of fixed the background”.

“I honestly had just thought that they had put a grey background on the back. I didn’t really look into it and realise that there was a picture in the background,” she said. 

Channel Nine
Love Island Australia contestant Margarita Smith.

Margarita apologised for the Instagram debacle and said she will reach out to Emma, who has over 330,000 followers.

“Sorry to the girl whose picture it was taken from. I honestly didn’t have anything to do with the background. It’s crazy, I’ll have to inbox,” she said. 

“It’s all a bit of a laugh though. I’m sure she’ll be able to look at it and laugh when I tell her it was all just a bit of a background flop-up.” 

Margarita said she would also keep the image on her account unless Emma “wants me to take it down”.

“I mean it is her bedroom but I wouldn’t see myself taking it down,” she said. 

Instagram/Margarita Smith
This photo was shared on Margarita's Instagram account in June 2018.

After entering the Love Island villa last week, former co-star Adam Farrugia raised eyebrows when he told Margarita he “really, really likes natural girls”. 

Addressing Adam’s comments, Margarita told HuffPost Australia: “I sort of feel like it says more about the person saying it than the person who’s done something. 

“Everyone should feel confident in themselves and it’s not nice that people can turn around and say negative comments about someone but ultimately, he was just telling me how he feels. He prefers a more natural person. I’ve got zero hard feelings towards Adam.”

The aged-care worker said she’s had breast augmentation surgery, a nose job and lip fillers because she’s always liked “the faker look”.

“I’ve honestly always been so confident in myself, like before any surgery I was 100 per cent exactly as confident as I am now,” she said.

“I never felt like, ‘Oh my breasts are small’. I had naturally not too bad sized boobs anyway. I just think I’ve always loved that look, the faker look.

“Ultimately my surgeon wouldn’t let me go bigger or I would’ve gone bigger on the boobs,” she said of her 500cc assets.

“I think that people should be able to do whatever sort of they feel in that moment and that’s what I’ve done.”

On Monday night Margarita was eliminated alongside Blake Williamson as the reality show nears it finale later this week. 

Love Island Australia airs Monday to Friday at 8:45pm on Channel Nine.