14/11/2019 10:12 PM AEDT

Love Island Australia Winners Josh Packham And Anna McEvoy Share Behind-The-Scenes Secrets

From the pace of the reality show to the number of retakes, the 2019 winners shared what happened in the villa.

Love Island Australia winners Anna McEvoy and Josh Packham may be $50,000 richer, but the couple have said spending time in the Fiji villa was not as relaxing as viewers may assume.

Speaking to HuffPost Australia following Thursday night’s finale, the couple said there was a lot that went on behind the scenes of the Channel Nine reality show that fans may not have realised. 

“It’s very fast-paced,” Josh said, explaining the recoupling ceremonies were a quick process with little time to pause and deliberate. 

“Basically, someone will receive a text or Sophie will walk in and it’s pretty much straight to the fireplace,” he said, adding, “no talking” is allowed.

Channel Nine
2019 Love Island Australia winners Josh Packham and Anna McEvoy.

The Sydneysider, who initially entered the villa with his twin brother Luke, said the show’s host Sophie Monk had the opportunity to film her parts a few times.

“Sophie is great, she’s a professional at the end of the day,” he said. “She bangs out her lines, [and there’s] a few retakes for Sophie, not many. Then basically it’s just over in about 15 minutes.”

Anna said the recoupling ceremonies often occurred unexpectedly.

“Sometimes we’ll have a party and then it’s straight into it, and then all of a sudden you have 30 minutes to pack up your stuff and leave. It was super quick,” she said. 

Channel Nine
Love Island Australia's host Sophie Monk.

“You always hold your breath when you see Sophie,” Josh added. 

“It’s a nervous wait every time you’re there. Your heart’s racing, you don’t know if it’s your time. Obviously you have no idea what the public is thinking.” 

The public was ultimately on Josh and Anna’s side as they won the show on Thursday night, while Cartier Surjan and Matt Zukowski were the runners-up. Cynthia Taylu and Aaron Shaw placed third.